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3 Big Secrets to Reach the Cap Wow Gold.

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Murmurs recently, it was World of Warcraftcap, the number of ether somewhere around 214 700 in which the gold of the players' stops growing, due to restrictions imposed by Blizzard gold in the calculations. However, more and more players who report reaching this goal. Here are 3 key secrets to achieve this high in Warcraft. 
To stop farming, and questing 
Often, players are told that agriculture and the missions are enough methods to make gold and meet its cash needs. While it may be true, the more you can do while agriculture is 750 per hour. If we could keep this up (good luck) would require about 300 hours to reach the top Wow gold   and this is assuming you do not spend all that! And as far as missions go, forget it. Now, if you enjoy these activities, and are happy to a low number of gold, then by all means, enjoy. But if you want large quantities of gold, even reached the gold cap, and agriculture and quests are a waste of time. 
Creative practice methods Wow Auction house 
Today, anyone who uses aguide auction house - if not then do not waste time and money. For this reason, it is important to actually find and implement a new and exciting way to find the gold. You have to learn: 
Apply the right Add-ons 
First, you must have the right tools for the job. In the case of making WoW gold, there are several sets of customers accessories that are absolutely crucial. They allow you to quickly scan, analyze and use data from the Wow auction house. Many players find that the auctioneer is pretty good, but it is becoming the preferred Auctionator add-on for this task. 
A couple of other add-ons that are highly recommended are the market and Observer Mail. These provide additional functionality and information to work to your auctions. For more information you have, the better you hit the cap Wow gold.

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